Question & Answers

What kind of Children You accept ?

We hope you appreciate we are lucky to be inundated with a high volume of applications every week. We take time to meticulously select children for inclusion in our books in order to meet current industry demand and trends and any new niche markets we wish to get into.

Do I have to Live in London?

Much of our work is in London and the surrounding areas, although we will occasionally get work outside of this vicinity and sometimes outside of the UK. Please note we do accept talent from all over the UK, however before applying please be aware that expenses for travel and accommodation are not usually covered.

How do you Select your Children?

We hope to meet everyone in person before offering a place on our agency. Therefore it is important that the information that you provide for your child is complete and accurate. Getting to know each child ensures we can confidently discuss your child's abilities with our clients and casting directors. Given the high standards we require, not all applicants will be successful. Getting to know each child ensures we can confidently discuss your child abilities with our clients and casting directors.

Are you a Sole Agency?

We are a sole representation agency which means that you are only allowed to be registered with ourselves and NO OTHER agency for any work within the Media Industry that we currently work in.

Do you have to get a licence for our Child?

Young people over the age of 16 and those who are no longer in education do not need a Child Performance Licence to work. For talent aged 16 and under who need a licence, as your agent we will apply for this if required. we will request some paperwork to aid with this should one be required. However you will be guided through all the necessary paperwork.

What happens once I’ve made an application?

You will be notified if your application has been successful within 7 days of submitting your application. Successful applicants will be then contacted to arrange an assessment day.

How much will it cost me to join Cast My Child Talent Agency?

We do not charge any 'registration fees' or upfront fees - On acceptance to our agency after a 30 day cooling-off-period we require an annual £50 website fee for the Acting Division which covers, TV, Film, Stage, Voice over and any other job that are not Photographic or Modelling.

What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is an industry standard Professional platform where top casting Directors view talent from many agencies in order to make their casting selections from. Spotlight opens the doorway to roles in theater, television, film productions and commercials around the world.

What do I have to pay upfront?

Nothing unless you are required to join Spotlight. Applicants over 4 years old choosing to do commercial TV & Film work will be required to sign up to Spotlight which will cost £121.20 per year + small admin Fee.

Once I start getting jobs, what will I have to pay?

Here at Cast My Child we take a standard agency commission of 23% on all the work your child completes. Children who are just in the Modelling division are required to pay the £50 website fee from their first job payment of £100 plus 23% commission

Can you guarantee work?

We cannot guarantee any work. However, given our methodical screening process and professional eye for talent and reputation we are always highly confident of securing work engagements for your child

What kind of work will my child get?

We receive a variety of work for models including Photographic work for catalogues, Magazines, instore advertising, Press adverts, Billboards Plus more. For our Actors and Performers we get Television work, feature films, short films, commercials, Theatre Productions and Musicals

When are castings?

Most castings for school age children will take place after school, from around 4pm to 7pm. Shoots will usually take place during school hours so you will need to talk to your school and make any necessary arrangements in advance. If your child gets booked for a job and requires time off school, we will need a letter from your child’s school authorising their absence as this is a requirement when we are applying for a Child Performance License. Again, we will guide you through all the relevant paper work.

Do we need professional photos?

Once your child is accepted onto our agency books your child’s profile to be live on the basis that your submitted photographs are of a good quality and meet all our guidelines. If your child is required to join Spotlight then it is advised that professional shots are to be taken. If you already have professional photographs then you may use them.

Do you take the photos of my child?

No, at the moment we do not have an agency photographer. But see our Photographers page for a recommended company in your area.